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Children on the Edge

Crypto Pilots are supporting Children on the Edge through XRP donations. So far we have raised 14,000 XRP in just under 6 months!

T-shirt competition

With the help of Ripple we managed get Brad Garlinghouse (CEO), Chris Larsen (CO-FOUNDER) and Ron Will (CFO) to sign three T-shirts for auction through the XRP community on twitter.

So far we’ve raised 4000 XRP in auctions for all 6 XRP charities through the Good Souls Group charity bot splitter! @goodxrp

The six charities we support are below:

@onemorehome @StJude @cote_uk @bigbuckor @WanderingWare @cranders71

There’s one more T-shirt to be auctioned off so watch out for updates through my twitter handle in the month’s of May and June! @cpilots2017

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The Marathon

In April 2019 I ran in the Brighton Marathon in support of Children on the Edge, I finished in just under four and a half hours. Along with the XRP community we managed to raise £550 and broke the 10,000 XRP barrier for Children on the Edge.

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How to Donate

There are three ways in which you can donate, firstly through the TipBot button at the top left hand of the page or through

Children on the Edge have decided to use XRP TipBot for themselves so they can receive donations directly to their XRP wallet which you can see on the left of your screen.

You can either download the XRPtipbot app and conveniently scan the QR code on your device or through the TipBot website.

Alternatively you also have the option of sending them a tip directly to their wallet address which can be copied through the following link

It’s fantastically forward thinking of Children on the Edge as a charity to not only be accepting XRP as a new way to raise funds for their amazing projects but to also be using the XRP TipBot. As we all know Micro Payments are the future, this will not only benefit all these children but it will help with transparency which is great for COTE the XRP community and the ecosystem as a whole!

This is groundbreaking territory, and I’m extremely pleased and proud we’re able to support such an inspiring and thoughtful charity.