Children on the Edge

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The Marathon

I will be running in the Brighton Marathon on the 14th of April in support of Children on the Edge. Children on the Edge makes a difference for thousands of marginalised children, who are living on the edge of their societies around the world. Many are driven from their homes by conflict, neglected or persecuted by their own governments, ignored by the international media and missed by large overseas agencies.

The Goal

My goals are to raise £550 which has been set by Children on the Edge through Justgiving, and to attempt to raise as much XRP as is physically possible through the XRP community. I am aiming to see if we can collectively beat the £550 fiat target set by Children on the Edge, which at today’s price would mean 2000 XRP at £0.28 or at $0.35 in USD.

I am a huge believer in the power of micro payments and envisage a future where we will be able to donate directly to those who are most in need, helping to provide aid in real time. I also see XRP playing a large role in enabling this to happen in the not so distant future.

I chose Children on the Edge from a large list of charities, they stood out to me as they provide a child rights approach to their work and follow a UN treaty called The Convention for the Rights of the Child. This convention is a promise, made in 1989, by governments across the world, to do everything in their power to protect and promote children’s rights to survive and thrive, to learn and grow, to make their voices heard and to reach their full potential.

Articles (2,3, 6 & 12) have been given the special status of ‘guiding principles’, which are needed for any of the rights in the Convention to be realised.

In January 2019 the wallet managed to increase from an amazing 100 XRP to a outstanding 6700!

In January 2019 the wallet managed to increase from an amazing 100 XRP to a outstanding 6700!

How to Donate

There are three ways in which you can donate, firstly through the tip bot button at the top of the page or through

Children on the Edge have decided to use XRP TIPBOT for themselves to receive donations directly to their wallet which you can see to the left of your screen. You can either download the XRPtipbot app and conveniently scan the QR code on your device or through the TIPBOT website. Alternatively you also have the option of sending them a tip directly to their wallet address which can be copied through the following link

It’s fantastically forward thinking of Children on the Edge as a charity to not only be accepting XRP as a new way to raise funds for their amazing projects but to also be using the XRPTIPBOT. As we all know Micro Payments are the future, this will not only benefit all these children but it will help with transparency which is great for us as a community and the XRP ecosystem as a whole!

This is groundbreaking territory, and I’m extremely pleased and proud to be supporting such an inspiring and thoughtful charity.

What we’ve raised so far…

We’ve started off really well and the response has been amazing, so I thank you all for that. Children on the Edge are already starting to tweet members within our community, and it would be fantastic to see loads more of these tweets heading out to our community over the coming months.

I am here to answer any questions and I’d also love to hear your suggestions. The bar has been set incredibly high by Kingblue, but you’ve got to aim high, the Children on the Edge wallet now has an amazing 6700 XRP, this has been achieved in just over a month! A huge thank you to everyone that has donated so far! Let’s get to 10,000!


JustGiving Page

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